Northern Territory Women’s Consultative Council

The Office of Women’s Policy is happy to announce the establishment of the Northern Territory Women’s Consultative Council (NTWCC).

This new body will provide a platform to highlight issues affecting women across the Territory and provide a direct engagement link between Northern Territory women, and the Minister for Women’s Policy. The Consultative Council will be open to Territory women of all ages, backgrounds and regions to participate in and contribute to Northern Territory Government policy.

The creation of this council reflects the Northern Territory Government’s commitment to direct community consultation as an essential and valuable part of the development and effectiveness of policy, programs and services.

Membership Northern Territory Women’s Consultative Council will comprise 12 women, five of whom will be appointed by Minister for Women’s Policy and a further seven sought through a nomination process.

Nominations for the NTWCC closed on 26 February 2016.

Last updated: 04 August 2016