Policy framework for Northern Territory women

The policy framework for Northern Territory women 2015-2020 sets the Northern Territory Government’s policy direction and priorities for women.

Download the policy framework for Northern Territory women PDF (4.4 MB)

The framework was developed through direct consultations with Northern Territory women and has four key focus areas with actions for each:

Women’s safety

The Government is committed to reducing the incidence of violence against women in the Northern Territory community and seeks to increase the safety of all Territory women in their homes, work places and communities.

  • a whole-of-government and whole of community approach to the reduction of all forms of violence in our community through the implementation of:
    • the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Children 2010-2022 
    • the Northern Territory Domestic and Family Violence Reduction Strategy 2014-2017 – Safety is Everyone’s Right
  • the development of Northern Territory sexual violence strategy
  • a focus on the primary prevention of violence through: 
    • education
    • increased awareness of the impacts of violence
    • changing the behaviours of perpetrators who choose to use violence in their relationships
  • ensuring effective support for women victims and survivors, including those in the Northern Territory justice system.

Women’s health and wellbeing

The Government is committed to improved health outcomes for all Territory women, including:

  • a reduction in the incidence of ill health, injury and early death for Northern Territory women through raising awareness and changing behaviours, encouraging Territory women to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing
  • ensuring equity of access to health services for all Northern Territory women
  • access to culturally appropriate health services, health information and health education for all Northern Territory women.

Economic security

The Government is committed to improved economic opportunities, choices and outcomes for all Northern Territory women, including:

  • reducing the gender pay gap in the Northern Territory over time
  • equal access to employment, education and training for all Northern Territory women
  • a focus on encouraging women to increase workforce participation, enter non-traditional occupations and business ownership
  • increasing options for ensuring that young mothers have the opportunity to continue their education or skills development
  • recognising the issues of maintaining sufficient income and access to employment for older women.

Leadership and participation

The Government is committed to increasing the number of women in decision making and leadership roles to increase the influence that women have on the decisions that affect their lives; and that women have every opportunity to realise their full potential and participate in all aspects of Territory life. 

This includes:

  • that decision making bodies are reflective of the communities that they represent and make decisions for – encourage and promote a gender balance on government and non-government boards and advisory bodies.
  • provide practical advice and encourage women to put themselves forward for community leadership roles.
  • implementation of mechanisms for consultation with women to enable them to influence government policy.
  • implementation of and promotion of mechanisms that recognise, acknowledge and reward the achievements and contribution of women to the Northern Territory.
  • promotion of positive role models for women and empowering images and stories about women.

Last updated: 18 April 2016


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