Thousands of Territorians respond to NT Concessions consultation


Consultation on review of NT Concessions Scheme closes

More than 8000 Territorians expressed their views on possible changes to the NT Pensioner and Carer Concessions Scheme as part of public consultation on a review of the scheme.

Consultation began on July 10 and, by the time it closed on August 31, Territory Families staff had conducted 16 public forums, attended numerous stakeholder briefings, and responded to more than 2,000 telephone enquiries. 

One of the key consultation tools was a survey designed to capture people’s views on all aspects of the scheme, and how it could be improved. Survey forms were delivered to about 20,000 current concession scheme members with more than 6000 completed surveys being returned. An online version of the survey attracted nearly 700 responses. Another 100 people sent their comments and feedback via email.

All feedback and survey responses are now being collated and analysed. The resulting information will be incorporated into a consultation report to the Northern Territory Government, along with recommendations about how to reform the NT concessions scheme.

Decisions about reforms to the scheme will be announced by the government in October and implementation plans developed by Territory Families.

Any changes to the scheme will be well advertised and communicated to scheme members.

The feedback received and survey results will also be compiled into a public report which will be published on this website.

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