NT Seniors Recognition Scheme prepaid card launch


Approximately 1400 members of the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme have been issued a new prepaid card, giving them greater flexibility and choice on how to spend their $500 annual payment.

The prepaid cards help senior Territorians with the cost of travel, accommodation, electricity, water and fuel.

The cards will replace the paper travel vouchers, allowing senior Territorians to have immediate access to their annual payment and removing the need for reimbursement.

The new prepaid cards will be provided to all eligible NT Seniors Recognition Scheme members from July 2020, but members with unused and valid vouchers have the option of switching to the new cards before 31 May.

Businesses with an EFTPOS terminal registered in an approved merchant category including travel, accommodation and fuel services can accept the prepaid cards now.

For more information, visit https://ntconcessions.nt.gov.au.

NT Concessions Prepaid Card

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