New Youth Outreach Hubs


Territory Families has established a new Youth Outreach and Re-engagement Team (YORET) hub in the Palmerston CBD.

The Palmerston YORET hub provides voluntary and court-ordered case management and services to young people aged 10-17 years who are at-risk of entering, or are already involved in the youth justice system.

This will be the first time that the Palmerston YORET will have its own facility and will be able to have designated areas for activities with young people.

The facility is a large enough that other relevant service providers will be able to use the space to deliver their services.

Youth Outreach and Re-engagement Officers (YOREOs) in the team work with young people and their families to prevent young people from offending or reoffending.

The activities and programs delivered at the facility include tackling anti-social behaviour, role modelling, gender respect and understanding. YOREOs will also reconnect young people to education and training, counselling, and medical services so that they can get back on the right track.

The YORET is part of a number of early intervention and prevention programs and services that the Territory Families provides as part of a whole-of-government effort to engage young people and reduce anti-social behaviour.

The Palmerston YORET hub is located on Chung Wah Terrace at the former police station.

In addition, a YORET team will also operate from a new site at Cascom Plaza Building 2B1 during the December school holidays to support police colleagues, the GPT Group, Casuarina Square Complex centre management and other locally based organisations providing school holiday activities for young people.

An operating model for permanent presence at Casuarina will be finalised over the holiday period, to be implemented in line with a refit of Cascom Plaza Building 2B2 expected to be complete in March 2020.

Territory families has 27 YORET staff who work at the Casuarina and Palmerston YORET hubs to deliver services to young people and their families.

New Youth Outreach Hubs

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