New support referral service available for families

FACES (Family and Children’s Enquiry and Support) is the new Territory Families helpline dedicated to connecting families with support services and resources.

The helpline will be staffed by a team of specialists and is available to anyone experiencing difficulties including parenting problems, family relationships, managing money, housing or anything else.

This new helpline is a further critical early intervention to help prevent children and families entering the child protection system.

By calling 1800 999 900, specialist staff will work with families to help them get the support they need. It aims to encourage people to seek family help and support early.

This ‘dual pathways’ system means families experiencing problems can get help without having to be involved in the child protection system.

FACES is one part of Families Enhanced Support Services (FESS) reform, which is also putting in place new contracting and delivery arrangements for services to improve the support delivered to families and children.

The same telephone number will also put callers in touch with Territory Connect, which assists callers with general Territory Families enquiries that are not about family support or child protection.  The existing Child Protection Hotline, used for mandatory reporting and child protection referrals, will remain.

Territory Families helpline and hotline services are:

  • Territory Families Connect (1800 999 900)
  • Territory FACES (1800 999 900)
  • Child Protection Hotline (1800 700 250)

Last updated: 30 May 2018