New Aboriginal Foster & Kinship Care Model Released


Territory Families has partnered with Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation to launch the new foster and kinship care model that will improve outcomes for Aboriginal children in care.

Children Safe, Family Together is a new care model and resource for Aboriginal organisations working with Territory Families to identify, recruit and support Aboriginal kinship and foster carers so Aboriginal children can stay connected to family, culture and community.

The new model is based on four phases which represents the life cycle of children in care from the beginning to the end.

Phase one – A child is at risk of entering or has entered out-of-home care. Referrals are received, screened and accepted. Family finding and mapping starts.

Phase two – Potential family and kinship carers are assessed for a child. Aboriginal organisations talk to potential family carers and explain the assessment process. Interim care planning which includes a complexity assessment to be completed for the child, and potential carers are informed of the child’s needs and behaviour.

Phase three – A placement is set up to succeed. Transition planning occurs and carers are provided relevant information and supported to access both initial and ongoing payments and allowances.

Phase four – The placement thrives and children remain connected to their families, communities and culture. Children have regular face-to-face contact with their family and friends. Social events are facilitated for children and their carers while family care teams help support the carer and the child.

Tangentyere Council was funded $200,000 under the first round of the Aboriginal Carers Growing Up Aboriginal Children Grants to develop the model. Funding of $150,000 was also awarded to both Ngurratjuta/ Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation and Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation to find family and Aboriginal carers for Aboriginal children in care.

Following on from the success of these grants so far, Territory Families has recently released Round 2 of the Aboriginal Carers Growing Up Aboriginal Children. Funding of $350,000 is now available for new Aboriginal organisations to deliver these services.

The new Aboriginal carer model, implementation guide and resources will be provided to Aboriginal organisations interested in these grants to guide and empower them to use the elements they believe will work best in their communities.


Tangentyere - Children Safe, Family Together PDF (11.3 MB)

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