Domestic and family violence information sharing guidelines feedback sought


In late 2018 amendments were made to the Domestic and Family Violence Act

In late 2018 amendments were made to the Domestic and Family Violence Act. The Act allows for information about people experiencing or committing domestic and family violence to be shared without consent under certain circumstances. Certain agencies are prescribed as  Information Sharing Entities (ISEs) who must comply with administrative guidelines to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Act. The new laws commence in August 2019.

Territory Families is now seeking the following feedback on the draft guidelines for ISEs.

  1. Are these guidelines and tools accurate, useful and easy to understand?
  2. Do these guidelines and tools provide your organisation with the information it requires to be compliant with the information sharing laws as an Information Sharing Entity?
  3. What other information, tools or templates are required?

Once consultation is complete and feedback incorporated, the approved guidelines will be provided to ISEs and to those organisations wishing to apply to become an ISE.

All feedback on the guidelines should be provided to the contact details below, prior to April 30, 2019.

Please send any comments to , or to discuss your feedback please telephone 8999 2597 during business hours.

For more information about the new laws see the factsheet.

DFV Information sharing consultation

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