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The Clinical Practice Committee provides Territory Families frontline staff with support, best practice tools and guidance to meet the unique needs of NT families.

The Clinical Practice Committee provides Territory Families frontline staff with support, best practice tools and guidance to meet the unique needs of NT families.

The team of professionals are tasked with improving Care and Protection, Youth Justice and Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence management practices. They will work with staff to improve their overall clinical approach and consider avenues for ongoing practice improvement.

Members of the committee are Dr Howard Bath, Dr Christine Fejo-King, Her Honour Judge Sue Oliver and Dr Denise Riordan.

Each member has been carefully selected to bring together highly esteemed local experts covering research, best-practice and training from a range of professional fields.

Dr Howard Bath is a Clinical Psychologist who has studied and worked in Australia and America. Dr Bath has presented widely at conferences and training seminars and has authored numerous research reports and articles on topics including family preservation services, out-of-home care, behaviour management and child protection.

Dr Christine Fejo-King has more than 34 years’ experience as a social worker and is committed to increasing understanding of the challenges Aboriginal people face. She advocates for the education of mainstream Australians to ensure a more inclusive Australia and encourages Aboriginal and Islander people to fulfil their potential.

Her Honour, Judge Sue Oliver was admitted as a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of South Australia in 1978.  She was appointed to the Northern Territory Magistrates Court (now the Northern Territory Local Court) in 2006, after having practised law in a number of public and private sector contexts. As managing magistrate of the Northern Territory Youth Justice Court she has a particular interest in and has published widely on matters relating to the complex issues surrounding the management of young offenders.

Dr Denise Riordan is the Chief Psychiatrist for the Northern Territory who has worked in public health care systems across Australia and the United Kingdom. Dr Riordan is passionate about ensuring high quality, safe and accessible services for everyone, ensuring that mental health services work in partnership with other health and social care agencies to ensure the best outcomes.

The Committee will adopt and review a clearly defined practice model that builds on a cross-jurisdictional assessment. It is tailored to the Northern Territory and brings together elements of workforce, training, process, systems and evaluation to inform a consistent model of continuous improvement. This package will demonstrate how changes from the Royal Commission will be implemented to affect real improvement for Territory children and families.

The Committee is a central point of coordination and advocacy for an improved, strength-based and safety focussed approach to working with families. It will lead best practice, coaching and mentoring of professional staff, monitor and identify performance opportunities and challenges, and become a central point for research and advice on improving the delivery of services.

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