Adoption Act Changes = Equality for Same-Sex and De facto Couples

Historic amendments to the NT Adoption of Children Act were passed in the NT Legislative Assembly in March, allowing same sex and de facto couples the right to legally to adopt children in the NT.

Same-sex and de facto couples in the NT are already raising children in foster care and permanent care. However, unlike heterosexual married couples, same-sex couples have, until now, been prevented from adopting children even where this would be in the child’s best interests.

The changes to the Act modernise the Territory’s adoption laws to reflect the diversity we have in the Territory, making the NT law more consistent with the rest of Australia.

“Territorian couples, regardless of gender or marital status, who can provide loving and safe homes for children, can now do so through adoption.

“This is an important law reform and the changes are more inclusive of the community that Territory Families serves.” said CEO Ken Davies.

Territory Families encourages and celebrates inclusive, diverse and connected communities and families is delighted for same-sex and de facto couples who can now have the right to legally adopt and open their hearts and homes to children in need without the fear of discrimination.

Last updated: 21 March 2018