Palmerston youth services innovation grants

Funding for school holiday and after-hours activities in Palmerston

Organisations and community groups are invited to apply for grants to run innovative services and programs for vulnerable young people in Palmerston for the rest of 2017 and through to 30 June 2018.

The grants are designed to encourage innovation and creative thinking about how to constructively engage young people in after-hours acitvities, including during evenings, weekends and school holidays.

Proposed activities or programs must be new and take an innovative approach to providing quality holiday and after-hours activities. The purpose is to deliver early intervention and engagement programs that can connect young people at risk to existing support services.

Types of funding

You can apply for two different types of grants and may make multiple applications for funding from one or both of these types of grants.

Grants for an individual activity or short series of activities - from $1000 to $20,000 

You can apply for one of these grants to conduct a new activity, or short series of after-hours activities, for young people aged 10 - 17, including during school holidays.

Grants for an activity program - up to $80,000 

You can apply for one of these grants to run an ongoing program of after-hours activities, including school holiday programs, in collaboration with other service providers and/or community groups.

What activities you can apply for

You are encouraged to be creative and innovative in your approach to proposed activities for funding. Funding is available for diverse programs and activities that are:

  • across age groups, needs, locations and connections with culture
  • based at existing or new youth-friendly venues and locations in Palmerston ncluding at town camps, in parks and reserves
  • able to provide links to support services for young people at risk
  • universal and may include younger children or youth if adequate supervision is provided
  • free of charge
  • in partnership with providers of services that benefit young people
  • supported by families, elders, volunteers and community members who either participate or help deliver the activity.

If your project is also getting support from other sources, you must provide details in your the grant application

All activities must be drug and alcohol free.  Evening events should consider or offer arrangements for safe transport home.

Your application can include funding for staffing and program delivery costs, including the cost of materials.

You can also include a contribution towards providing food for participants and providing safe transport home at night, however these costs must be less than 20 per cent of your requested funding.

What activities you can’t apply for

You can't apply for funding for any of the following activities or costs:

  • an activity that has already received funding from other sources
  • case management service costs that are more than 20 per cent of the funding proposal
  • transport service costs that are more than 20 per cent of the funding proposal
  • the cost of providing food that is more than 20 per cent of the funding proposal
  • buying capital equipment that is more than 20 per cent of the funding proposal eg cameras, electronic equipment and devices, sporting equipment, costumes and uniforms, prizes and gifts
  • activities where organisations/individuals outside of the Northern Territory benefit more than young people in the Northern Territory
  • payment of membership or registration fees including working with children checks
  • profit-making activities, fundraising or charitable activities not directly benefitting young people of the Northern Territory
  • programs that are political or discriminatory against others, based on their gender, sexuality, status, culture or religion and ability.

Who can apply

Local councils, non-government organisations and community groups can apply. The larger program grants are directed at groups who will collaborate with other service providers and/or community groups and be able to link young people with other support services.

How to apply

Read the application guidelines before filling in the application. 

Weighting criteria will be used to assess your application, and should be taken into account when preparing your application.

Step 1. Fill in the application.

If you are collaborating with other groups or organisations, only the lead organisation needs to fill in one application on behalf of all groups involved.

Step 2.  Send your completed application to Territory Families in one of the following ways:

By email: with the subject line – Application for Palmerston youth activities grant

By post to: Grants officer, Community Engagement, Territory Families, PO Box 37037, Winnellie, NT 0820

When to apply

Applications close on Sunday 22 October2017.

After you apply

A locally-based panel from Territory Families will assess all completed grant applications and take into account local needs and existing programs.

The panel will give preference to activities and programs that:

  • show commitment and ability to involve young people in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the activities and services
  • have policies and/or procedures that demonstrate commitment to youth development processes that refer or provide activities and safe environments for young people
  • provide evidence of capacity to collaborate with other providers, services, agencies and community groups, and which show how the proposed collaboration will meet the interests and needs of the target group
  • have the capacity to scale activities and services up or down according to need and in response to peak times, local community events or conditions
  • show commitment to a process that will collect evidence of what works best and makes the most difference for young people.

When you will find out about your application

You will find out by after 6 November if your application is successful.

More information

For more information or help with completing the application form contact Territory Families at or call (08) 8999 3862 or 1800 652 736 (free call).

Last updated: 12 October 2017